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Yearly workshop fair to be held in April

This year the annual Werkstätten:Messe (workshop fair) will take place from 1 to 4 April 2020 in Nuremberg, Germany. With around 150 exhibitors, most of them sheltered workshops from Germany but also from other countries and 15.000 visitors with and without disabilities, every year the 'Werkstätten:Messe' organised by BAG WfbM gives visitors interested in the work of people with disabilities exciting insights into the services, crafts and production sectors of sheltered workshops. With a broad programme of specialist lectures, the event offers numerous impulses for the further development of social services. Many offers are explicitly aimed at people with disabilities and address topics such as self-representation and women's councils. Further focal points are the prevention of violence in workshops as well as the acquisition of skilled workers and their qualification and further training. Additionally, a special focus will be given to innovation and the transformation of work through digitalisation. Last but not least, the Werkstätten:Messe is known for it’s huge fun factor: sports removes barriers and brings people together. A soccer field invites the visitors to have fun and show their talent and a soccer tournament provides entertainment.

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