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Czech Republic


National Provider Forum

The "Developing an Inclusive Labour Market in the Czech Republic" seminar took place on the 20th of June in Prague. EASPD in partnership with the Association of Social Services Providers of the Czech Republic​ (APSS) has organised a meeting with key stakeholders in the field of employment of persons with disabilities to discuss the state of play and the way forward of inclusive labour markets in the country. The meeting was attended by Mr. Jiří Vaňásek, a Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, who provided a useful update on national policies on the integration of persons with disabilities in the labour market. Mr. Václav Krása, the Chairman of the National Council for Persons with Disabilities, presented the state of play from the perspective of persons with disabilities, while Mr. Karel Rychtář from the Union of Czech Production Cooperatives, presented the point of view of employers. Ms. Eva Stratilová, the representative of the Labour Office, explained how lab​our market integration works in practice and talked about tools used by employment services to support persons with disabilities. Mr. Vladimír Vopelka, the Director of Homes for social services Litvínov, further contributed to the discussion by providing an example of his organisation in helping persons with disabilities get jobs. The participants of the meeting further discussed the challenges and opportunities of the Czech employment system in terms of the inclusiveness of labour markets.

Find the programme here