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Annual conference 2015 - Salzburg

"Inclusive teaching programmes: Let's develop it together!" Salzburg, Austria, 22-23 October 2015




Title: "Inclusive teaching programmes: Let’s develop it together! "
Date: 22 to 23 October 2015
Venue: St-Virgil Conference Centre,  Ernst-Grein-Straße 14, 5026 Salzburg, Austria

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Practical information




Inclusive education is the cornerstone to develop a more inclusive society. EASPD, in cooperation with the projects EQF meets ECVET, INVESTT and TIDE,  will showcase a selection of best practices in developing inclusive teaching programmes for persons with disabilities, and will strive to develop recommendations for policy makers, school administrations and teachers to improve inclusion in education.

Thanks to the different perspectives of these projects, the event is expected to bring together a wide range of stakeholders to discuss these best practices. This conference will be a great opportunity to assess where inclusive education stands in Europe, and for everyone to select the elements that would fit best and enrich to their own learning environment.

The conference programme wishes to be developed with a universal design, and participants can build their own schedule based on their preferences and needs. Twelve interactive workshops where concrete best practices are presented and discussed will be held in parallel to each project panel in the plenary room, and will be repeated four times.
Please find the distribution of rooms here

Programme of the plenary room

Thursday 22nd October

  • Presentation of the state of play of inclusive education in Europe
  • Panel discussions on the ALDO project, developing an online observatory of best practices on education for adults with a learning disabilities
  • Panel discussions on the EQF project, developing a European certificate for VET
  • Panel discussions on the TIDE project, supporting adults with intellectual disabilities receive development education

Friday 23rd October

  • Presentation of inclusive education in the UNCRPD and the concepts of Universal Design and Reasonable Accommodation
  • Panel discussions on the INVESTT project, developing teaching programmes with a universal design in VET centres
  • Policy panel to develop recommendations for different levels of authorities - policy makers but also the school administrations and the classroom

Find the complete programme of the plenary here.


You can register here for the conference.
Please note that the deadline for registration is the 30th September 2015.


Follow us on twitter @EASPD_Brussels and keep updated on the conference at #inclusiveteaching
Contact EASPD Policy Officer Timothy Ghilain for any additional information.



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This conference has received the financial support of the European Union Programme for Employment and Social Innovation “EaSI” (2014-2020), the Life Long Learning Programme and EuropeAid.