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Eurochambers wants to match organisations with more young people through the European Solidarity Corps


The European Solidarity Corps is a project funded by the European Union which aims to offer 6,000 fixed term work placements ranging from 2 to 12 months to young Europeans across the Union in occupations with a solidarity dimension.

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Implementing Inclusion in Schools:The next chapter


As the IIIS project draws to a close our project partners invite you to join them in Belgium, Finland, Spain, Germany and Austria to find out how the project’s results can help you to implement inclusion in your school. Find out more in their latest newsletter.

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First Forum of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities in Kosovo


EASPD and COD Kosovo, in cooperation with Handicap Kosova and Down Syndrome Kosova are organising the first Forum of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities in Kosovo.

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EASPD permanent observers release very positive annual impact report


EASPD permanent observers from Israel Shekulo Tov, have released their annual impact report for 2018. 

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Have your say on the European Disability Strategy 2010-2020!


This year the European Commission is running an online consultation on the EU Disability Strategy 2010-2020 and its implementation.

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Don't miss opportunity to win a conference fee waiver! Participate in EASPD workforce Survey


EASPD is carrying out a member survey on the state of the disability workforce in Europe. 

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Participate in our workforce survey to have a chance to attend our conference for free!


The survey aims to overview the staff recruitment intentions of disability service providers, identify skills and qualifications in high-demand and discern the most pressing training needs for staff in the sector.

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A multilayer strategy for research & INnovation in service provision


The development of innovative models that will better support persons with disabilities requires a multi-layer strategy for generating new knowledge and transferring it from theory to practice. We have been busy setting up new partnerships and developing project proposals that will help us to build a more comprehensive approach to our research & INnovation activities:

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Have you met your expert yet? Deadline approaching!


EASPD's new expertise network will be a space of contact among experts and organisations that express needs on certain topics. We have selected 7 experts, apply to learn from one of them now!

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Opportunity for researcher to document Early Childhood Intervention Project in Georgia


The OSF-Early Childhood Programme (OSF-ECP) is looking for a researcher to provide support for the Enabling Childhoods - Disability Concept. The concept includes development and strengthening of early childhood intervention (ECI) system and services in Georgia, in partnership with civil society actors, including parents, leading to improved access to quality services for children at risk of developmental delays and with disabilities during their critical earliest years.

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