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'Play, Learn, Grow' : Training on Early Intervention

Play, Learn and Grow Together

Training course on Early Intervention

The training course aims to develop the understanding and expertise of teachers, trainers, headmasters and staff on early intervention for persons with disabilities. The course provides a certificate delivered by a European training organisation.



17-18 September 2015


Kontact Der Kontinenten, Soesterberg, The Netherlands
How to get there?

The best way is to take the train to the nearby city of Amersfoort (after arrival at Schiphol/Amsterdam airport or directly coming by train from elsewhere) and from there to take the bus or taxi to Kontakt der Kontinenten).
Information about the trains and the use of the electronic payment system for the public transport in the Netherlands called 'OV-Chipkaart' 

And on:


How much?

€200, including the accommodations, the training and the meals. Does not include travel costs.

To be paid to : EASPD, IBAN : BE07 7765 9430 6266    



The course offers a framework for the further development and promotion of early intervention, as well as a hands-on experience in the development of early intervention programmes. Find the full programme here.
The programme will cover among others:

  • Introducation to early childhood intervention
  • Organisation of early childhood intervention system: evidence-based approach and hands-on experience
  • The role of the family in early childhood intervention
  • Music therapy
  • Game therapy
  • Visit of a Dutch ECI centre

Information and discovery sessions will alternate with discussion groups, peer group support and reflection sessions. The methods used will offer in the first place an individual learning pathway, supported by a reflection and learning portfolio.

Who for?

The course provides a learning environment for child carers, childcare managers, counsellors, parents and policy makers wishing to improve the care given to our children and provide them with the best opportunities for their future, to learn and discover in an international setting how to improve our early childhood intervention systems.

Who by?

The course is coordinated by the Interest Group on Early Intervention of EASPD and organised by SOFT Tulip
The tutors will include Dr. Natasha Dobrova-Krol (Senior Programme Advisor at SOFT Tulip, The Netherlands), Darija Udovicic (Director of Mali dom, Croatia), Noor van Loen (Board member of EurlyAid, The Netherlands), Eoin Nash (Therapist at the COPE Foundation, Ireland) and Annamária Kofranné Rémi (Caregiver at the Tunyogi Center, Hungary).


Please register on this page.

Further information?

Please contact
Mr. Timothy Ghilain, research & development officer at EASPD :

This training session has received financial support from the European Union Programme for Employment and Social Innovation “EaSI” (2014-2020)