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Press Releases

5 Questions for the Commissioners-designate

Between the 29th September and 7th October 2014, the European Parliament (EP) will hold the hearings for the Commissioners-designate. Indeed, ever since the Lisbon Treaty, the EP has to approve the proposed candidates for becoming Commissioners. EASPD, representing over 10, 000 social service providers for persons with disabilities throughout Europe, encourages the Members of the EP to ask the following key questions to the relevant Commissioners-designate.

Ukrainian conflict: Priority support should be given to people with disabilities

Since the beginning of the Ukrainian conflict in March 2014, there has been a dramatic number of civilian casualties, with figures rising to at least 2,086 people killed and 4,953 wounded in recent weeks. The Ukrainian association "National Assembly of Disabled of Ukraine" and EASPD call on the United Nations and the European Union to pay special attention to the more vulnerable groups when designing and implementing Emergency Aid Programmes.

Do You Want a Social Europe? Go and Vote for It!

The European Elections are taking place over the next few days throughout Europe. This is a key opportunity for each and every citizen to help format the future of the European Union. For that reason, EASPD wishes to encourage everyone to go and vote in the next European elections to make sure that we have a European Parliament and Commission, which will support the work of social service providers throughout Europe.

European flag

Europe needs to better monitor the quality of care-services and support transition to community living

Having recently learnt about bad practices in the provision of care-services for people with disabilities in Belgium, France and Romania, the European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities (EASPD) highlights the need to monitor the quality standards of all types of social service provision in Europe and calls on the EU institutions to provide a technical response to avoid more scandals in the future as well as a political reaction based on a public hearing in the European Parliament.

The new EU rules on public procurement and concession contracts have been approved by the European Parliament

On 15 January 2014 the European Parliament adopted a new Public Procurement directive which recognizes the specific identity of social services, and, because of this, entitles them to a specific so called “lighter regime” that requires simpler rules and a stronger focus on quality outcomes.




The new Public Procurement Directive: Member States are free to organise social services in the way they consider more appropriate

The new Public Procurement Directive: Member States are free to organise social services in the way they consider more appropriate

A first assessment of new Public Procurement Directive’s impact on social services took place yesterday at the European Parliament. This was done during an event co-hosted by MEP Pietikäinen and MEP Torvalds and organised by EASPD. The hearing gathered relevant stakeholders including representatives of the European civil society, public authorities at national and EU level, service providers and service users.

EASPD conference in Istanbul, 27-28 September 2013

The current state of play of employment for persons with disabilities is not easy and has been worsened by the economic crisis that has hit Europe in the last years.
In the last decade a strong movement fighting for mainstreaming set the basis for a revolution in employment schemes for persons with disabilities. Today we acknowledge that many efforts have been done to bring persons with disabilities to the labour market, however, the low success rate of people with disabilities employed shows that the efforts needed to achieve wider employment have been underestimated.