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Participate in our workforce survey to have a chance to attend our conference for free!

The survey aims to overview the staff recruitment intentions of disability service providers, identify skills and qualifications in high-demand and discern the most pressing training needs for staff in the sector.

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A multilayer strategy for research & INnovation in service provision

The development of innovative models that will better support persons with disabilities requires a multi-layer strategy for generating new knowledge and transferring it from theory to practice.

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Have you met your expert yet? Deadline approaching!

EASPD's new expertise network will be a space of contact among experts and organisations that express needs on certain topics. We have selected 7 experts, apply to learn from one of them now!

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Opportunity for researcher to document Early Childhood Intervention Project in Georgia

The OSF-Early Childhood Programme (OSF-ECP) is looking for a researcher to provide support for the Enabling Childhoods - Disability Concept.

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Dernières publications

Newsletter: "Rejoignez-nous dans le voyage ! 20 ans sur la route"

EASPD a produit la newsletter "Rejoignez-nous dans le voyage ! 20 ans sur la route" à l'occasion de son 20e anniversaire. Cette publication résume les étapes des 20 dernières années, tout en regardant les futurs défis pour les années à venir pour atteindre des services d'accompagnement de haute qualité pour les personnes handicapées en Europe.

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Communiqués de presse


The a4i project aims to build up the capacity of social services, investors and authorities to know why, when and how to use private investment for projects in the field of social care and support.


European Pillar of Social Rights holds the key to achieving Annual Growth Survey’s priorities.


Four steps to make InvestEU a success for Social Infrastructure Investment