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Are you Ready4Impact?

The ALL in project has just launched the Ready4Impact pedagogical online game as a tool for educators and mentors in their work with adult persons with disabilities for the practical learning of starting a social enterprise. The aim of the game is to allow learners to understand the opportunities, difficulties and the main phases of developing a social business.

The game drives the player through 4 interactive levels which will gradually create awareness about social enterprises and the work they do:

  • In the 1st level, the player will come across different vitamin pills that contain knowledge related to social enterprise. The objective of this level is that the player manages to open all the training pills and understand the content
  • The 2nd level consists of transferring the concepts learned in the first level to a real and feasible business plan. For each part of the business plan the player manages to complete, the player will receive a superpower
  • In the 3rd level, the player will have to face different situations, risks and obstacles he/she will come across through the road of setting up a social enterprise
  • Once the first 3 levels are completed, the player gets the category of ‘‘enterprise superhero’’ that allows him/her to get to and complete the 4th and last level. In this level, the player will have to prove the viability and sustainability of his/her social business model by achieving a good position in the ranking of enterprising superheroes.

Play now by clicking HERE.
The Ready4Impact game is a product of the “Incredible Practitioners to empower adults with disABILITIES through Education, Employment & Social Entrepreneurship” project (ALL In!). The project aims to stimulate a multidisciplinary and collaborative framework which supports increasing the quality of adult education practitioners work and their initiatives services in order to be adapted to the needs of adults with disabilities in the light of UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities – UNCRPD.
Learn more about the project here: