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Attention all those interested in tourism and accessible tourism! The NEWSCAT project invites you to their final seminar

The NEWSCAT project invites you to their final event of their  Erasmus+ Project whose main objective is to improve the skills and competences of tourist guides, professionals and local policy makers to cater to the needs of tourists with disabilities. 'New Skills For Customised Accessible Tourism' will take place on Friday, 28th June 2019 from 9:00h – 12:30h at  KOV - Rue Guimard 1, Brussels.

The NEWSCAT project is carried out by eight partners from six different European countries, that include service providers, local policy makers, EU umbrella organisations and academic institutions.

They have developed several project outputs around the concept of ‘Customised Accessible Tourism’, a term used to define the specific competences that professionals working in the tourism chain must have to better cater the needs of visitors with disabilities. Project outputs include an online training course for professionals active in the tourist sector, guidelines & recommendations for the implementation of a customised accessible tourism programme, and examples of promising practices. All these project outputs will be presented during the event.

The event is a great opportunity for those interested in discovering the main opportunities coming from a more inclusive tourism system, that leads to an increased social and economic benefit for both tourists with disabilities and tourist providers. The main target groups of the event include, among others, European organisations working on tourism and accessible tourism, academia, adult education providers, VET providers, service providers for persons with disabilities, policy makers, chambers of commerce and business association.

The agenda can be found here
Register here before the 25th June!