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Call for Promising Practices: Use of digitalisation and technology in supporting persons with disabilities at work and in vocational education trainings (VET)

As part of the Lighthouse Network activity, the Member Forum on Employment (MF EMPL) of EASPD is looking for promising practices in the use of digitalisation and technology in supporting persons with disabilities at work and in VET.

What is considered a promising practice?

  • “Promising practice” rather than “good or best practice”:  promising practices are practices in place that are innovative yet there is still room for further development (e.g. to be aligned with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD)) and upscaling (showing how it may be proven to be effective in the long term and mainstreamed). It is always important to consider the transferability potential of the practice between countries
    • They must be demonstrably in line with the UN CRPD and therefore according to the following human rights standards
    • These practices must respect the person’s rights, will and preferences;
    • They must be based on discovering the will and preferences of a person rather than merely acting in their best interest;
    • The practices must promote self-determination, control and autonomy and foster independence;
    • The practices must enable the person to make his or her own decisions, with the minimum amount of necessary assistance from a trusted network of supporters. Supporters can be family members, co-workers, friends, and past or present providers.
    • This must be shown and discussed by the user (with disabilities) of the technology – technologies without a respective testimony won’t be chosen
  • The target group of the practice should be persons with different types of disabilities being supported in employment and/or VET.
  • The practice should be about use of digitalization and technology, be it mainstream solutions or specialized solutions (tailored for persons with disabilities). The solutions must be existing in the market and in use.
  • Promising practices should be from countries covered by EASPD membership -
  • Promising practices can be submitted by EASPD members, including observers.

How to submit a promising practice?
Submitting a promising practice is easy:

How will the practices be used?

  • Selected practices will be featured in a report and presented during a webinar organized by the MF EMPL. The report and the webinar will be open for the wider EASPD membership.