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Do you have experience in user-centred funding models?

The UNIC project “Towards user-centred funding models for long-term care” aims to support the transition to user-centred funding models (such as Personal Budgets) in long-term care (LTC). A personal budget is an amount of money which is provided to an individual by the public authorities and the individual can decide how to use it to cover their support needs. UNIC will develop tools to help service users, service providers and mainly public authorities to implement a user-centred funding model in long-term care.

In the framework of the project, we are looking for examples of promising practices in user-centred funding models, such as personal budgets, addressing primarily persons with disabilities and older persons but also children, persons with mental health problems and other target groups from Europe and across the world. The aim of this questionnaire is to understand existing Long-Term Care (LTC) funding models in Europe and across the world. In particular, we aim to understand the development of personal budgets models - or other funding models that promote user-centred care and support. This report will gather the successful elements of existing user-centred funding models and will then combine them to develop a theoretical model for Personal Budgets in LTC.

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UNIC project Grant Agreement: VS/2020/0265)