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EASPD releases Varna 2018 joint declaration on social economy enterprises

After the June 2018 EASPD international conference in Varna (Bulgaria) “Social Economy as an effective model for social inclusion - Social economy enterprises, social services and employment ” , EASPD had the opportunity to focus on the different models of Europe’s social economy enterprises employing persons with disabilities and to investigate how these models contribute to social inclusion and to the enjoyment of Article 27. Many models of successful and sustainable services were presented that not only contribute daily and in the long- term to social inclusion and cohesion, but also contain an essential entrepreneurial element.
The conference thus represented a formal recognition by EASPD of the support services sector ’s role in social economy entrepreneurship.
EASPD’s Declaration results from the debates in Varna and has been drafted in consultation with the EASPD membership. It sets out the position of disability support services on social enterpreneurship and the vision for the future by identifying key recommendations for the sector and the European institutions. It also outlines the actions that will be under taken by social economy enterprises to further evolve the social market economy.


To read the joint declaration click here.