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"Employment for All": 'Viennese Declaration' rightly arises on the work of persons with disabilities

On 27th September EASPD and its partners, Dabei-Austria, the European Platform for Rehabilitation, the European Union for Supported Employment, Austrian Disability Council and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection  hosted the "Employment for All" conference in Vienna, Austria.
The event, who’s speakers included EASPD Secretary General Luk Zelderloo and Senior Policy Officer Timothy Ghilain, welcomed over 250 participants to explore:

  • International and European Disability Policy
  • The current state of national labour market development across Europe
  • The current challenges to the employment of all discus how these challenges can be overcome
  • The future steps we must take to ensure employment for all!

Together participants, speakers and experts from across Europe discussed the next steps towards a joint declaration that includes measures to enable all persons with disabilities to participate in the labour market.

Whilst reflecting on the event EASPD Secretary General Luk Zelderloo said, “today’s conference showed what can happen when different European and national networks, working on similar issues, come together and cooperate to reach common goals. If used well, the energy and enthusiasm present at this conference, can lead to a significant change in Austria, for the increased participation of people with disabilities in the labour market.

Speaking on the next steps that must be taken to ensure the employment for all Mr Zelderloo said: “The use of the STAR approach is vital for the successful integration of people with disabilities into the open labour market. For this approcach to work we need: Stakeholder cooperation; Targeted action, the Availability of the appropriate support systems and further Research on the topic.”

To mark the event, and EASPD member Dabei-Austria released an official press release. To read the original in German, click here. Or read it in English here.

Further information:

Dabei-Austria’s Press release (in German) (in English)
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