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Extraordinary General Assembly on 4th March 2020

On 4th March 2020, EASPD will organise an extraordinary General Assembly meeting which will take place in Brussels before the notary public with the purpose to formally register the updated EASPD statutes which were sent to the EASPD members on 18/11/2019. 

As the purpose of the meeting is to officially register the updated EASPD statutes at the notary public, attendance of members is not required. As agreed during the General Assembly meeting in Helsinki on 5th October, president - Jim Crowe and board member - Lieve Dekempeener will be present at the notary public meeting in Brussels and represent the EASPD members via mandates.
We therefore ask all members to fill in the the mandate template form available here (this should be done by the legal representative) and send it back to us via e-mail by 21/02/2020 at the very latest. Receiving mandates is extremely important to reach the quorum needed to validate the official registration of the statutes.
The updated EASPD statutes and internal rules are available here.

The mandates should be sent to the EASPD Membership Officer, Adriana Popa: