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Register for MARGARITA's conference "Include Art: A dialogue on paths of artistic equity" on December 3rd-4th 2020

The Vocational Training Centre MARGARITA invites you to join their upcoming online conference entitled "Include Art: A dialogue on paths of artistic equity" on 3rd-4th December 2020.
This is a two-day conference on Zoom, which will focus on the dialogue, the exchange of ideas and best practices on issues of creativity, integration and inclusion of artists with intellectual disabilities.
The speakers represent well-established organisations, such as:

Créahm (Belgium): 

A pioneer organisation registered as an artistic, social and political project, formed in 1979, hosting both plastic and visual arts workshops linked to the rights of people with intellectual disabilities.

Blue Apple Theatre (England):

An ambitious organization that supports people with intellectual disabilities to develop theatrical, dance and film productions, which are presented in public spaces. 

Atelier Goldstein (Germany): 

An internationally acclaimed creative structure for talented artists with disabilities, supporting its artists in establishing, expanding and professionalising their personal expressive language.

Hijinx Theatre (Wales): 

A drama school for actors with intellectual disabilities, developing theatrical performances, community projects and diversified education.   

Trinkhall Museum (Belgium):

An art museum founded by Créahm based in Liege which has established a great 'Outsider Art' collection by artists with intellectual disabilities.

Cope Foundation (Ireland):

An organization supporting over 2,800 children and adults with disabilities, their families and the local community to provide anthropocentric services.

Centre de la Gabrielle (France):

An organization that supports 400 children and adults with developmental and learning disabilities. It houses 11 different services, including a medical and educational centre for children with disabilities. 

EgArt Association (France):

An association which seeks to increase the recognition of Culture and Art artists with mental or psychiatric disabilities, by exhibiting and selling their works.


The participating organizations will begin a dialogue with Greek artists and professionals in the field.

For more information on the programme, click here.

To register for the event, click here.