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SAVE-THE-DATE Private Investment, Human Rights & Social Care: building a common European agenda

Across Europe, demand for social care and support is growing rapidly; be it long-term care or more emergency forms of support. This is a response to changing demographics, evolving family patterns, an attempt to further close the welfare gaps and recognition of the crucial role social services play in ensuring people have access to their human and social rights. The consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic will also lead to an increase in need for professional support and adaptations to how such support is provided.

This naturally comes with an increase in investment demand as more and more social care and support providers look to private investors to fulfil their investment needs. Yet, these stakeholders often come with varying needs and expectations. Private investors need to ensure they make a profit on their investment, social care providers need to ensure their investment improves the amount and/or quality of the services they provide and public authorities have the responsibility to ensure people have access to the social care and support they need, in line with their human rights obligations, yet within their financial restrictions.

The Alliance for Inclusive Investment in Social Care and Support (a4i) project -funded by Erasmus+- aims to bring these three aspects together and build a common European agenda where private investment, human rights and social care are aligned; thus helping to improve access to social care and support for people with support needs.

On Wednesday 28th October, 14h-15h30, the partners of the a4i project invite you to join us for an online webinar exploring how these three elements can be aligned and to discuss the role of the European Union in doing so, in particular in view of the upcoming EU Recovery Plan, the Action Plan for the European Pillar of Social Rights and the Action Plan for the Social Economy.

Click here to read the full programme and click here to register.