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Social Platform

The European Platform of European Social NGOs


Social Platform is the largest platform of European rights and value-based NGOs working in the social sector. We aim to promote social justice, equality and participatory democracy by voicing the concerns of member organisations. Our mission is to advocate for, and raise awareness on, policies that bring social progress to all in the European Union. We will achieve this by mobilizing members and providing them with a strong voice.



  • Equality for all: act for the eradication of discrimination and for the realisation of equality, including equality between women and men, in all areas of life
  • Strong social protection and welfare systems
  • Socio-economic justice: eliminate all forms of socio-economic inequalities
  • Decent work and quality employment
  • People centered services for the common good: ensure universal access to quality, affordable and accessible public and social services
  • Participation in decision making: ensure that civil society organisations are involved in decision making processes at EU level

Social Platform has 47 members representing more than 2,800 national organisations, associations and other voluntary groups at local, regional and national level in every EU member state – covering a large spectrum of the EU social civil society sector.

For More Information

Telephone: +32 (0)2 511 37 14


Contact Details

Thomas Bignal, Policy and Communications Officer
+32 2 282 46 11