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There’s a new MEP in town!

Between the 23rd and 26th May 2019, more Europeans voted for the new European Parliament than in the last 20 years. The dust is now settling and EASPD is eagerly preparing to work with the newly (re-)elected Members of Parliament (MEPs). It is always sad to say goodbye to the dedicated people we have worked with for the last five years, yet we are looking forward to engaging with all MEPs willing to build a better, more social Europe together.

There are many topics that are sure to arise in the coming months. Maybe none more so than the debate on the new European Multiannual Financial Framework, which will decide where and how the European funds will be spent, from the Social Funds and Regional and Development Funds, to research, and investment in social services – in other words, what kind of Europe we want to build.
After the summer break, EASPD will meet MEPs from across the political spectrum, through filmed interviews where they present their vision for Europe and how to #FundInclusion. Be sure to stay tuned!
As a last word, EASPD would like to congratulate all MEPs! We look forward to working with them…

Timothy Ghilain
Senior Policy Officer