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Working together to improve best access to Justice for People with Disabilities

On May 28th, the ONCE Foundation and its partners EASPD, European Disability Forum, University Carlos III of Madrid and Thomson Reuters Aranzadi organised an international webinar to exchange and analyse the barriers and the training needs of legal practitioners to ensure a full access to justice for persons with disabilities.
The event concluded that in order to find solutions, public institutions, academic and legal organisations and disability platforms must work together. A European Code of conduct, protocols and training on disability and universal accessibility must be a mandatory for legal practitioners, but also for all other professionals involved in the justice system.
To advance in this direction, the Just4All project presented a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) that will aim to contribute to this training, also incorporating examples of good practices, glossaries and related EU legislation.
The EU legal system recognises this right in the European Charter of Fundamental Rights and in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which specifies  that "States Parties shall promote appropriate training for those working in the field of administration of justice, including police and prison staff" (article 13).
The project will continue to gather stakeholders and work together to make this training effective.
This webinar was funded by the European Union’s Justice Programme (2014-2020).
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Find the PowerPoint presentations of webinar speakers below:

Police Barrier Primary and secondary victimisation by the police, Perspective of a disabled black woman advocate, Naomi Mabita - European Disability Forum
Barriers to access to justice, Lourdes Marquez- ONCE Foundation

Access to Justice of Persons with Disabilities: the way forward and practical tools, Sanja Jovičić - Academy of European Law
Access to Justice of Persons with Disabilities: the way forward and practical tools, Maria Carmen Barranco Aviles, University Carlos III Madrid
MOOC training for professionals: Alberto Alonso, Thomson Reuters Aranzadi

Experiences from the grassroots level, Inés de Araoz and Jordà Vives- Plena Inclusion