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European Commission report finds that there are gaps in health care accessibility in the EU

The European Commission have published reports that describe the situation of health systems in 30 countries and have presented a Companion report which shows the biggest trends found. 

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Call for practices: arts activities that enhance the integration of children with disabilities in mainstream schools

EASPD is looking for promising practices that enhance the integration and education of children with disabilities in mainstream kindergartens and/or schools through culture and arts.

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Team Up! project develops tool to create effective sports community collaboration

The objective of Team Up! is to ensure an equal access to sport activities for everyone, persons with intellectual disabilities included. The project has developed a Community Mapping Tool to create effective collaboration with sports stakeholders and the local community.

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ENhANCE project releases European curriculum for Family and Community Nurses

The ENhANCE project has released its first European Curriculum for graduate nurses providing community-oriented care.


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Dernières publications

Newsletter: "Rejoignez-nous dans le voyage ! 20 ans sur la route"

EASPD a produit la newsletter "Rejoignez-nous dans le voyage ! 20 ans sur la route" à l'occasion de son 20e anniversaire. Cette publication résume les étapes des 20 dernières années, tout en regardant les futurs défis pour les années à venir pour atteindre des services d'accompagnement de haute qualité pour les personnes handicapées en Europe.

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Communiqués de presse


Disability support service providers and Members of the European Parliament come together to commit a stronger social agenda


On 4th December, the Steering Board for Social Infrastructure and Mr Alfred Sant MEP co-organised the European Parliament event “InvestEU & the Economy of Well-being: making the most of local know-how”.


At their international conference “Staff Matters! Disability Workforce of Tomorrow,” stresses the need to recognize the importance of support and social care staff and to invest in the future disability workforce of tomorrow