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Disability service providers and cultural actors closer together thanks to the ISA and ABBA projects

On the 3rd-4th October the Inclusion in Society by the Arts (ISA) and Audience Blending by Arts (ABBA) projects held two events to promote the inclusion of all in the arts.

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Social Platform launch recommendations for an economy of wellbeing at Flagship Conference in Helsinki

During the 2nd their second annual Flagship Conference in Helsinki the Social Platform launched their recommendations on an economy of wellbeing approach that leaves no one behind.

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Vienna Declaration: Strategies for the Implementation of the UN CRPD

Following their European Conference ‘Employment for All’ dabei-austria, with the support of EASPD, have launched their declaration on the provision of better opportunities for persons with disabilities in the labour market.

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Staff Matters! What’s the future for the Disability workforce?

Staff are the greatest asset of support and social care services. Despite the importance of staff, the recruitment and retention of an appropriate qualified workforce is an increasing challenge across Europe. EASPD present Jim Crowe talks more about what the future can hold for the Disability workforce.

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Dernières publications

Newsletter: "Rejoignez-nous dans le voyage ! 20 ans sur la route"

EASPD a produit la newsletter "Rejoignez-nous dans le voyage ! 20 ans sur la route" à l'occasion de son 20e anniversaire. Cette publication résume les étapes des 20 dernières années, tout en regardant les futurs défis pour les années à venir pour atteindre des services d'accompagnement de haute qualité pour les personnes handicapées en Europe.

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Communiqués de presse


At their international conference “Staff Matters! Disability Workforce of Tomorrow,” stresses the need to recognize the importance of support and social care staff and to invest in the future disability workforce of tomorrow


On Thursday 12th September 2019, EASPD Members from 8  different EU countries gathered in Brussels to deliver their messages on the pressing issues regarding service provision in their country and the role of the European Semester in contributing to a solution.


The European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities (EASPD) launches its latest report: “How to fund quality care and support services: 7 key elements”.