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New BEYOND report sheds light on the crucial role of service providers in transitioning to inclusive education

The BEYOND project has published a new report on the role of service providers in achieving inclusive education in Europe.

To achieve a truly inclusive educational environment, it is necessary for all stakeholders to work together. Support  Service providers are among this pool of stakeholders that play an eminent role in ensuring that every child is included in the classroom. The BEYOND project has published a report, “Study on the role of service providers in the transition towards inclusive education” which aims to identify the role of service providers in achieving inclusive education in Europe. 

To read the full report, click here.  

The report  provides country factsheets on the state of inclusive education and the support model in each country. The study also surveyed service providers in the field of education, across a range of countries in Europe to better understand the role they play in supporting inclusive education in Europe. The survey found that while each country was moving towards more inclusive education systems, each was taking its own path. Encouragingly, the survey suggests that in most of the countries service providers were habitual to evaluating their work and progress on the basis of the child with support needs.   

A conclusion drawn from this part of the report suggests that service providers find it challenging to support additional educational needs in mainstream schools and early childhood settings. One of the reasons is the fact that there is a gap between introduction of initiatives to improve inclusion in schools and the availability of resources required to follow through these initiatives. 

The report further encourages nations in Europe to come together and engage in dialogue about how they support pupils with special needs in their countries.