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SKILLS: Improving the Skills and Competencies in Self-Directed Support

Improving the Skills & Competencies in Self-Directed Support (SKILLS) is a 24-month Erasmus+ project that aims to enable the full citizenship of persons with disabilities by improving skills and competencies of different stakeholders in self-directed support.

The project addresses the need to explore and define what systems of self-directed support are in place in Europe and how they can best support individuals with disabilities in exercising choice about their lives.

SKILL aims to achieve:

•Improved skills and competencies of persons with disabilities, family members and staff, so as each actor can fully use the system and its underlying principles
•Inclusion of self-directed support systems within the formal adult education field
​•Effective cross-sectorial cooperation (service providers, authorities and persons with disabilities and their families).

SKILLS produced the following outputs:

My Freedom of Choice - Accessible Training & Toolkit on Self-Directed Support for persons with disabilities and their families.
Supporting Citizenship - Training & Toolkit for Front-line staff working in the disability services.
Supporting Lifelong Learning Opportunities - Training & Toolkit for Staff working in the field of (formal or informal) Adult Education.
Leading the Way - Strategic planning and lobbying toolkit, available here
•Report - Self-Directed Support in Europe.


1 October 2017 to 30 September 2019

Download leaflets:

Leaflet in English
Leaflet in Finnish
Leaflet in Italian


If you would like to take part in this international research, aimed at mapping self-direct support systems in different countries, please fill in the questionnaire at




Facebook: @SkillsProject