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Accessibilitech Hackathon

On 22-23rd June the Accessibilitech project will hold a Hackathon on the development of develop accesible and inclusive technology in the areas of telework, telecare and e-learning.

In today’s continuously digitalizing world, it is crucial that the latest technology and software is available to all.

As part of its aim, to promote the use and development of accessible technologies, the Accessibilitech Project will co-host host its first Hackathon with Microsoft and Digital Europe on 22nd-23rd June . The interactive event will bring together technology professionals from the ICT and business industries, students with a background in IT, support service providers and persons with disabilities to together explore how to better develop technology in the areas of telework, telecare and e-learning that is more accessible and inclusive.

Who can participate in the hackathon?

The event is dedicated to everyone interested in learning more about accessibility and contributing to shaping a more inclusive society by developing accessible technology solutions. In particular, we welcome:

  • Professionals: programmers, UX/UI designers, business developers, marketing experts, project managers or similar,

  • Students with a background in IT, new media, marketing, business development, project management or similar, interested in the topic of accessible technological solutions,

  • Technology end-users with disabilities or participants with knowledge of special needs and barrier-facing by people with disability.

Hackathon Training

Would you like to participate in the Hackathon, but you might lack some knowledge in the area of accessibility? No worries – the Hackathon is the perfect opportunity to learn more and deepen your knowledge of this topic. With the support of various expert organisations, we will get you up to speed with training on accessibility and inclusion in advance of the hackathon. Additionally, you will be able to learn from your peers throughout the event

Application process

You can apply either as an individual or as a team by 15 June, indicating your expertise, relevant skills and motivation to join the event. Your application will be reviewed by the Accessibilitech Team, and you can expect the results by20 June. Successful individual applicants will be matched with a minimum of 2 other candidates, creating a team that will solve the Hackathon challenge together. The successful teams will undertake the challenge together, however, should there a need emerge, the Hackathon organisers may add individual applicants to selected teams.

Find out more and apply to join