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Photo of a person with long hair sitting on the grass on top of a hill with their back to the camera. Buttercups have grown on the grass but are not in focus. The person wears a fedora hat, blue jumper, and has a large EU flag draped over their shoulders, covering their back . The skies are are slightly cloudy, but still blue.

Elections! Elections! Read all about it! (especially us, the support service sector)

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Three pairs of hands cup a completed jigsaw of a multicoloured heart. The background is teal.

How upskilling and knowledge strengthens the care sector

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Man with disabilities smiles and has his arms folded. He wears a grey button-up shirt with a red tie.

The role of public procurement in boosting employment of persons with disabilities – why and how?

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Three generations of one family smile, hug, and laugh as they take a walk outside. There is one grandparent, two parents, and two children, with the eldest being held by the father on the left of the image.

The humans behind family-centred Early Childhood Intervention

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Two pairs of hands holding one another. The pair of hands on the left side of the image is old and the pair on the right is younger with less wrinkles.

The Partnership for Skills: Transforming Long Term Care

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Image showing the transformation of a larvae to a butterfly to symbolise growth and transformation.

UN initiatives on deinstitutionalisation and transformation of services: A step forward for independent living and inclusion

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Young woman with curly hair wears a yellow jumper whilst taking an online course on her silver laptop.

Attention all learners: EASPD's new and improved Knowledge Hub has arrived

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A family of five (two parents and three children) are playing in the park. The three children are all different ages, with the baby being held by the father, the toddler being held by the mother, and the eldest child in the middle of all of them. The sun shines through the trees in the background.

Early Childhood Intervention must be family-centred, and we'll discuss why at our next conference

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A mother and her child waiting for a train to leave Ukraine.

Ukraine: One year on and remaining active

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