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Healthy Lifestyle: Commission launches a European wide campaign

The campaign promotes a healthy lifestyle for all, across generations and social groups with the aim to improve the health and well being of Europeans.

On the 23rd of September, the European Commission launched the HealthyLifestyle4All campaign. The campaign promotes a healthy lifestyle for all, across generations and social groups with the aim to improve the health and well being of Europeans. This two year campaign will involve civil society, non-governmental organisations, national, local and regional authorities and international bodies. Together these will implement several actions for Europeans to be more active and more mindful of their health.  Such actions will support the three objectives of the HealthyLifestyle4All campaign:

  • Raise more awareness for healthy lifestyles across all generations
  • Support an easier access to sport, physical activity and healthy diets, focusing on inclusion and non discrimination to reach and involve disadvantaged groups
  • Promote a global approach across policies and sectors; linking food, health; wellbeing and sport.

As EASPD we support this campaign and we encourage our members to develop concepts to help them implement it. This is a special case given the increased focus on healthy lifestyles in European programmes such as the Erasmus+, Horizon Europe and EU 4 health.

Throughout this campaign the commission will act as a coordinator where it will implement several actions in the next two years including the following:

  • An increase in funding for projects related to promoting a healthy lifestyle such as the Erasmus+,Horizon Europe and EU4Health. Between 2021-2027, 470 million euros will be made available for sport actions under Erasmus+, 290 million euro under Horizon Europe and 4.4 million euros under EU4Health
  • A new #BeActive Across Generations Award will be created to recognise the importance of Sport across different ages
  • An EU mobile application for cancer prevention will be launched to raise awareness on the importance of healthy lifestyle for cancer prevention supporting the goals of Europe‚Äôs Beating Cancer Plan
  • A food ingredients database will be developed and updated containing information on the nutritional quality of processed food products sold in the EU to promote healthier food products and reduce the consumption of less healthy food products high in sugar, fat and salt. A harmonised mandatory front of pack nutrition labelling will further support that objective as well as the EU Code of Conduct on responsible food business and marketing practices that entered in force in July 2021
  • The issue of healthy and sustainable diets will be addressed together with the  importance of physical activity and mental health in schools. The Commission will review the EU school fruit, vegetables and milk scheme, and will streamline the concept of healthy lifestyle in its recommendation on education
  • With the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Knowledge Gateway and the Knowledge Centre on Cancer support evidence based policy making will be adopted for healthier lifestyles.