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ICSS presents the first results on supported employment's needs in Bulgaria

EASPD member, The Institute for Community-based Social Services Foundation (ICSS) presents the first results of a study on the needs in Bulgaria on support for inclusive employment.

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Poisonous rhetoric is damaging European construction

Read the Statement of the Liaison Group with European organizations and networks of Civil Society within the European Economic and Social Committee on Greek negociations.

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Registration for the EASPD conference in Salzburg now open!

The registration for the EASPD annual conference "Inclusive teaching programmes: Let's develop it together!" is now open!

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The Zadar conference's report is out

The Zadar conference final report is ready! Read the main conclusions, important speakers' statements and best practices.

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Last Publications

Employment for All booklet

All the information related to the awards as well as a description of the best practices can be found in the Employment for All booklet in English, French and German.

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Europe 2020 and the European Semester, bringing well-being to all?

EASPD releases its latest report on the European Semester, calling for a change to the “growth at all costs” approach towards Social Investment and a growth focusing on the well-being of all citizens. The report proposes several recommendations to policy-makers on how they can integrate well-being into European and national public policy, in a manner that is both practical and sustainable. The report also includes national messages from EASPD's membership to their respective governments and the European Commission; in particular within the framework of the European Semester.

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Press Releases


Another week of negotiations in Brussels and the tango between the Greek government and the Troika continues; albeit potentially coming to its climax this Sunday 5th July in the Greek’s referendum on the Troika’s latest proposal.  The European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities (EASPD) regrets that the priorities of the Troika during the negotiations seem to focus solely on reducing Greek debt, rather than also issuing proposals aiming to improve the quality of life of the millions of Greeks currently living in poverty.


In June 2015, the International Monetary Fund issued a Staff Discussion Note named: “Causes and Consequences of Income Inequality: A Global perspective”. Whilst at first sight it may appear as not particularly linked to support services for persons with disabilities due to its focus on income inequality, the European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities nonetheless believes that it leads to interesting conclusions for our sector, for instance that current EU fiscal and economic policies are failing to address the importance of investing in the human capital and skills of many Europeans.


On the 15th June 2015, in the framework of the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, policy makers and experts will come together in Riga to discuss de-institutionalisation (DI). In view of this timely event, the European Expert Group wishes to reiterate the importance of promoting DI in all European policies and financial instruments.